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Mak-ER participation at R2B RESEARCH TO BUSINESS

R2B (June, 4th – 5th 2014) is the international exhibition dedicated to Research & Innovation. At R2B research offer and demand for innovation expressed by enterprises turns into effective collaborations. National and international research are paired to create new partnerships, innovative ideas of young start-ups gain their opportunity to be launched on the market.

Exhibition, conferences and matching on strategic sectors towards sustainable development: advanced industrial processes and new materials, food safety, manufacturing 2.0, creativity and digital makers, connecting people and big data, smart specialization, health, societal challenges.

Mak-ER, the first Italian regional network about digital fabrication made by people in Emilia Romagna, showed up at R2B, the international exhibition dedicated to Research & Innovation in June 4th and 5th 2014.

It was organized a Mak-ER stand that hosted the 14 members of the network. They had the chance to show their activities and their projects. Is was the first public presentation of the network and we organized a couple of workshops which had successful attendance.
The organized workshops were the following.

FabLab: User Guide

June, 4th 2014 – Arena R2B pad. 33 – h. 3.00-4.00 pm
The digital manufacturing, the new frontiers of ICT and the set of dynamic tools that come from the encounter of new technologies, internet and creativity, are part of the basic elements of the new industrial revolution. With the increasingly pervasive introduction of digital technologies, companies that outlived market changes and those that are emerging will have to rethink about their business models, also looking at strategies for distributed and collaborative research and development. At the same time the new generation of digital artisans, makers, will have to be part of this new ecosystem that is emerging, taking advantage of the many opportunities that start with the development of the new digital manufacturing.

The workshop aims to introduce these themes deepening, with the help of Massimo Menichinelli (Make In Italy – Italian Fablab & Makers Foundation), features and functions of a FabLab, even through a discussion with the audience.

The new digital manufacturing entities in the relationship with the territory. Opportunities and challenges.

June 5th 2014 – Sala 4 pad. 34 – h. 10.30-12.30 am
As a result of spontaneous movements of aggregation that are taking place with the aim of reacting to the economic stagnation and expressing innovative ideas through the “ancient” attitude of doing, a map of people and places is being naturally established within the region that, starting from the use of new digital technologies, could provide an alternative hypothesis to the traditional ways of production and organization of work.

The Mak-ER network aims to systematize the best energies and aspirations that are emerging here, combining the organizational flexibility of individual members together with a critical mass able to making them identifiable, believable towards the production environment and able to participate in large-scale strategic projects.

The workshop aims to present practical case studies of digital fabrication stories, starting from Mak-ER network members, and to launch a reflection on the opportunities for interaction between these places and the other regional stakeholder: public administrations, companies, schools and research centers.

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