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Day 1: Sketches from the warm-up

The first day of Making Business Models workshop was a sort of warm-up for the working groups. B2B working group has a special guest, an attentive listener and observer during the work progress: a scriber by Housatonic Design Network, Paolo Masiero, is ‘live’ capturing concepts through sketches, illustrations and words.

Projects in the B2B working group (see the visualisation above) are seldom strictly connected to the local context, then the first big challenge will surely be to imagine to “replicate” them elsewhere. They have very different targets too, this will be helpful for participants to develop lateral thinking and to widen in the future the market of their fablabs.

The final moment of the day was a first brainstorming: all the project cards are now hung on the acquarium walls and all the participants had to stick as much post-it as they can with values created by the single projects for clients and for the fablab’s community. Below, a cloud with the main values spotted in the B2B working group and some photos of the participants during the workshop!

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