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Day 1: introducing the Education working group

The Education working group of the #FAB2B workshop has the duty to investigate business models for managing educational activities such as training, workshop, classes, Fab Academy, and to imagine and shape fruitful collaborations with schools and universities.

The group features the contribution of 14 makers from 3 different countries and is coordinated by Enrico Bassi from Open Dot. Let’s take a quick look to the profiles of the participants and to the project or projects they decided to discuss into the workshop.

Pieter van der Hijden, Fab Lab Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname, South America
Project: TechnoTour

Carmen Russo, Fablab Catania, Italy
Project: W.O.W.

Vito Quarta, FabLab Brindisi, Italy
Project: craftsmanship 2.0: learning by doing

Cristiano Maci, Fablab Lecce, Italy
Project: Boboto – Montessori 3D

Simone Simonelli, Fablab Unibz, Bozen, Italy
Project: Wunderfab

Massimo Bresolin, Cre-ta Fab Lab, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy
Projects: Alternative training and Di Bolina

Silvio Tassinari, Fab Lab Roma Maker, Rome, Italy
Project: Falla 3D

Fiore Basile, Fab Lab Cascina, Pisa, Italy
Project: Embedded Development Masterclass

Luca Berardi, MakeRN, Rimini, Italy
Projects: Erasmus+ Krakow and CloudIO

Marco Martelli, Fablab Imola, Italy
Projects: Become Digital Makers and Training Workshop for Students

Enrico Bassi, opendot, Milan, Italy
Project: Fab Academy

Francesco Belvisi, FabLab@School, Palermo, Italy
Project: Participate, include, create!

The works are starting, you can follow us on this website or searching #FAB2B #Edu on the social networks, today and tomorrow!

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