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Day 1: introducing the Community working group

Let’s start the first day of “Making business model” talking about the Community table and people sitting around it.

This working group will be engaged in developing business models for the management of community activities, focusing on spreading maker culture, response to community needs, individual services, access equipment and co-creation.

Costantino Bongiorno of WeMake will coordinate 7 makers from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and Norway. Let’s introducing the participants, the realities from which they come and the 9 projects they decided to discuss into the workshop:

Murat Vurucu, from FabLab Berlin, Germany, will present the project “EasyLab”;

Bertier Luyt, from Le FabClub, France, will present the project “Making makers entrepreneurs”;

    Mattia Sullini, from FabLab Firenze, Italy, will present the project “FabLab hub”;

      Etienne Moreau, will present the project “Building an ecosystem of people and tools” form La Machinerie, France, and the project “A night at the fablab, business model based on.. tourism!” from MIT FabLab Norway;

        Costantino Bongiorno, from WeMake, Italy, will present the project “Arduino Day”;

          Maicol Urbinati, form MakeRN, Italy, will present the projects “Lucerna Spaziale” and “Rimini Beach Mini Maker Faire”;

            Elisa Declerq, from BUDA::lab, Belgium, presenting BUDA::lab 2.0.

              Keep on following us through the website or looking for #FAB2B #Com on the social networks… Works are starting!

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