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Day 1: Introducing the B2B working group

The B2B working group of the #FAB2B workshop has the duty to investigate business models for the management of activities with companies such as use of equipment and space, project management, research, manufacturing.

The group features the contribution of 11 makers from 3 different countries and is coordinated by Francesco Bombardi, Rete Mak-ER coordinator. Let’s take a quick look to the profiles of the participants and to the project or projects they decided to discuss into the workshop.

Giacomo Falaschi, Fab Lab Contea-Toscana
Project: YHB_YourHandleBar

Francisco Sanchez Arroyo, The Beach Lab
Project: Smart Sitges – Noise Module

Luca Burattini, Fab Space (JCube)
Projects: Cultural digital manufacturing and Open Innovation 3D

Nicola Cabria, PoP lab
Project: Horizontal – Verticality Tools and methods to develop processes and products through the interaction with a digital laboratory

Michela Audone e Barbara Corsale, FabLab Reggio Emilia by REI
Projects: FabLab 4.0: spin off OffiCUcina for innovative Business Model, FabLab 4.0: spin off industrial metal 3D printing for innovative Business Model and FabLab 4.0: spin off Train-ER for innovative Business Model

Andrea D’Amico, Urban Hub Piacenza
Project: A new way to innovate small & medium companies

Andrea Sartori, FabLab Bologna
Project: Protobello – FigaRòBot

Sebastiano Mestre, Crunchlab
Project: Biennale-2016 -“A World of Fragile Parts” & Specials

Alessandro Lutzu, MAKE IN NUORO

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